how it works

Fostering conjures up many images in most of our heads. Many of us think first about the foster family itself and the commitment you make as a foster carer. The close-knit bond you form and all the rewards it brings. 

When it comes to Fostering in Denbighshire, you’ll be surprised at how connected the experience is - you’re never on your own. We have a dedicated network who are always on hand to provide their expertise, professional support and guidance, day or night.

Fostering family with phone

better together

Working together to build better futures for our children. This is what we do. We support the foster children in our care, their foster families and the skilled professionals who work alongside us every day.

Foster Wales is every Local Authority in Wales, working together to the same goal. It’s a collaboration of 22 dedicated not-for-profit organisations. This is how we offer the level of support we do.

Everything goes back into making Foster Wales better at what we do. We give more, where it’s needed most.

Fostering family in garden

what makes us different

We’re not your average fostering agency. Foster Wales is the nationwide collaboration of all 22 Local Authority fostering teams throughout Wales.

We look at the whole picture when it comes to doing the best for all the children in our care, and staying local is at the heart of everything we do. We help to maintain children’s important bonds – friendships, schools, clubs and communities. We prioritise keeping children in familiar surroundings, in local places they know and love, when it’s right for them.

It’s important children maintain their identity and sense of self, and by staying local we can help with this. It’s about understanding, caring and doing what’s needed for each child.

As a foster parent with Foster Wales, you’re what makes all of this possible.

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