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the process

the process

If you’re ready to start your fostering journey, you’re probably wondering how long the fostering process takes in Denbighshire and what you should expect. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

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step 1 - get in touch

The first step is simple. It all starts with your initial enquiry. As soon as you fill out the contact form below, send us an email or pick up the phone, you’re starting a new chapter in your life. It may not feel like a big step but it’s a giant leap. It’s the start of something new and wonderful.

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step 2 - the home visit

Once you reach out, we will begin the process of getting to know you. Firstly, we’ll talk over the phone. Then, if we can, we’ll come to your home for an informal visit. If this isn’t possible, we’ll start with a video call. 

These initial steps are important for us to build up a relationship with you. This is when we can start to understand the people who matter most to you and find out more about the place you call home.

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step 3 - the training

You will be offered some training to begin with, to teach you more about fostering and how you’ll be able to fulfil your role as a foster carer. This is to make sure it’s the right path for you. 

This initial training and development course is called “Preparation to Foster” or sometimes “Skills to Foster”. It takes place over three days. As well as providing a wealth of information, it’s also a great opportunity to meet other foster carers at the same stage of their journey as you.

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step 4 - the assessment

You will learn all about what fostering will mean to you during your assessment. It’s a chance for you and your family to ask us any questions and talk about absolutely anything that may be on your mind. 

The assessments consider your strengths and the potential vulnerabilities within your family unit. Each one is carried out by a professional and skilled social worker.

It’s not a test – it’s about preparing yourself for the rewards as well as the challenges that fostering can bring.

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step 5 - the panel

All Foster Wales teams have a panel. This is where your assessment is considered. Our panel members include social care workers as well as independent members. Each member is highly experienced and knowledgeable. They look at each potential foster carer as an individual.

This panel isn’t in place to make a final decision. It exists to consider your application and then make recommendations about your approval.

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step 6 - the foster care agreement

Once your assessment has been considered by the fostering panel, the foster care agreement sets out what it means to be a foster carer. It includes your daily responsibilities and the wider support and guidance you will offer. The agreement also covers all the expertise and services that we will offer to you as your dedicated support network.

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